Monday, August 9, 2010

Jesse Jones - Houston Radio Pioneer

Charlie Pena has managed to reduce the size of the KTRH brochure excerpted here and has forwarded it to me in a form which fits on my scanner. Here is the cover and two pages devoted to Jesse Jones, KTRH founder.

Other sources have identified Tilford Jones of KXYZ as Jesse Jones' nephew, not cousin.

In a history published in 1990 for the 60th Anniversary of KTRH John T. Jones explained the origin of the name of the Rusk Corporation. He said they were casting about for a name that wasn't used and decided to name it after a Houston street. They began at Buffalo Bayou and started ticking off the street names until they got to Rusk, which happened to be the street their offices were located on.

This portion of the brochure was followed by four pages of text and photos on KTRH as already published on the blog plus two more pages of photos.

This was followed by a section on sister FM KLOL-FM.


breendix said...

Tilford Jones was indeed Jesse H. Jones's nephew. But he was also his stepson. It's complicated.

Jesse married Mary Gibbs Jones after she divorced Jesse's cousin, Will Jones. Tilford was Mary and Will's only child. He was already an adult before the divorce and re-marriage, but, technically, still a stepson.

Tilford also had only one child -- a daughter named Audrey. She lived with Jesse and Mary a great deal of the time and considered them more parents than grandparents (Source: Steven Fenberg, "Unprecented Power: Jesse H. Jones, Capitalism, and the Common Good" (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2011).

Bruce said...

Thanks very much for the clarification. I wasn't aware of the book.