Friday, January 16, 2015

Arbitron Trends, '74-'76

Five book trends, October/November '74 to October/November '76 (there were only two Arbitron ratings periods per year at that time).

A big spurt for KAUM in '75, a  nice bump for KCOH, too.  KYND continued to dominate the Beautiful Music field as it would do for another several years.  KILT-AM (still rock at that time) holding out against all competitors but KRBE nipping at its heels especially in teens.  KLYX was running the NBC News format at that time and had not yet switched to Majic 102 so KYOK continued to dominate the Black listening audience numbers.

From a special edition of Radio and Records, the Industry's Newspaper, 'Arbitron Breakouts, October/November '76' devoted exclusively to reports like this on the top 75 markets.


Jim Bell said...

I grew up listening to Beautiful Music KXYZ in the early and mid 60s, and I agree it was the greatest radio format Houston ever had. Milt Willis was my favorite DJ, and when I got into radio in 1965 I found myself emulating his on-air style of announcing. It took me several years to get away from that and find my own style.

BTW, that new PD at KXYZ in 1966 was Bill Calder from KPRC Radio. He threw out the Beautiful Music format, turned the announcers into personality jocks and started playing pop hits. Calder had a terrible reputation and left bad memories wherever he went.

Bruce said...

Thanks Jim, but I think maybe you meant to comment on the Milt Willis post? If so, post again there and I'll delete this one -- I can't move it.