Thursday, August 20, 2015

KUHA-FM, Classical 91.7, Going Digital

Houston Public Media has announced plans to sell the 91.7 frequency.  KUHA programming will still be available on HD radio, via digital streaming, free apps and on TV 8.5.

Discussions going on here and here.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Letters from our Listeners - KXYZ, 1930

I received these images recently.  Unfortunately the correspondence accompanying and explaining the images has been lost.  I hope the person who sent these will contact me again.

The letter, a song request, was postmarked in November, 1930, just months after KTUE became KXYZ.  Both stations operated from the basement of the Texas State Hotel.  Earl Flagg and Al Hendly had a program on KXYZ called Pals of the Air.  One of the announcers has written on the letter 'will play soon.'

My correspondent expressed surprise that a request would be sent by mail but I think this was very common in those days, perhaps more common than phoning in, although that would have been possible.  Radio stations did not have the capability at that time to put phone calls on the air I don't think.

Earl Lawrence Flagg - my correspondent was related to the announcer, though she never knew him.

I was also asked if any recordings might exist from that era.  I think that would be extremely unlikely.  The only means of recording in those days would have been electrical transcription.  I think very few individual stations had such capability and even if they did, it would be unlikely the disc, a large phonograph record, would have survived.

If Flagg continued in radio for some years, there may be a possibility of a recording of him from later.

My thanks to my correspondent; my apologies for losing the letter.  I hope you will contact me again.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Phil Parr - R.I.P

Lufkin Daily News obituary.

Dave Westheimer writes:

"Phil Parr was at KTLW in Texas City from 1962 to 1970 and was bassist for Utah Carl during those same years. He moved to Lufkin in 1970 and worked at KSPL in Diboll. He also created and ran the Blind Handyman radio show on the ACB (American Council for the Blind) Radio network for years.

He may have been the last surviving member of Utah Carl's Gulf Coast Jamboree Boys. His predecessor on bass, Sam Reece, may still be living, but all the other 60s regulars are gone now."

Flickr photostream, posted by his wife, Luan, KTLW Once a Millenium Reunion, 2008.

Flickr photostream, posted by his wife, Luan, Blind Handyman Gathering, 2008.

My thanks to Dave for bringing this to my attention.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More KTRH Transmitter Pictures

John Robertson writes:

"My uncle by marriage was T.L. Hinner, he was Chief Engineer at the KTRH Cedar Bayou transmitter facility during this period. I came across your "Houston Radio History" web site and remembered I had these photos.

I remember staying with my aunt and uncle at the transmitter as a young child. My favorite thing was being allowed to switch on the tower lights at dusk.

I remember Bob Sutton, that worked at the transmitter at the ame time as my uncle.  He went on to become Chief Engineer for the KTRK  TV transmitter facility near DeWalt Texas.

Thanks for your informative web site,

John Robertson"

Great pictures, John.  Thanks for sharing them and for the additional information.

See the original post on this transmitter installation here.