Thursday, December 5, 2013

Houston Radio Discussions - UPDATED


Radio Discussions

Readers of this blog are probably aware that the Radio Discussions message boards have ceased operations abruptly.

Houston community forum HAIF has made available forums devoted to Houston Radio and Houston Television. There are already several threads in existence and the owner/manager of HAIF, who is himself a former broadcaster, is initiating discussions with RD to see if he can acquire their archived discussions.

You will be able to read the threads at the links above but to contribute to discussions you will have to become a member of HAIF.  This will almost certainly be easier that trying to activate an account on RD.

In addition to other amenities, the software HAIF runs on will allow for the insertion of pictures in posts which could be a nice enhancement to some discussions.

UPDATE:  A link to a further explanation of the history and demise and another (sparsely populated BUT RAPIDLY GROWING) alternative discussion site, an old competitor of RI/RD which does have local and regional boards.