Tuesday, October 13, 2015

KULF Production Studio, ca. late 1970s

Phil Konstantin sent along this picture taken in the KULF Production Studio in the late 1970s (later than 1976).  That's Phil on the left and the man beside him is Stan Barber from KTRU.

At the time the KULF studios were located in the Central National Bank building.  The air studio was right next door.

This picture shows the production of a Public Affairs program called Overview for the Jaycees.  The program aired on both KULF and sister station KYND.  Phil also later produced Dan Lucas' evening talk show.  He works in San Diego TV now.

Sam Putney, Dan Ammerman, Jim Young, Bill Leslie and Galen Grimes are some of the people from the KULF Newsroom at that time.  Kay (no last name on-air) Henderson worked on the ground and Dave Hale worked in the air doing traffic reports.  Jim Tate, Gary Ryder, Vashti Henderson, Joe Bauer, Roger St. John and Nick Rice were some of the other people he remembers working with there in that time frame.  He and Bauer also did some things together in San Diego.

My thanks to Phil for sending this picture and his recollections along to share on the blog.

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Patsym77090 said...

Hi I'm "Dave Hale" the oldest traffic reporter in Texas. The Chronicle had a miss-print concerning Marty Ambrose(a studio reporter). They mistakenly printed that he was the oldest traffic reporter when passed away a short time ago....He was NOT... I was( and still am). I Started about a month before he did and we even got together to discuss it. He said he was not trying to compete with me because because he only had 1 car on the street and I was live from the air. So I told him to listen to my reports and that would help him out. I never said anything before because he was my friend. The saw him for the last time a reunion of Houston broadcasters several year back. He will be missed. I'm now 74, My thanks to Bill Bosse (GM KULF radio) for hiring me.
Dave Hale (formally in the KULF BIRD)