Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Larry Kane Show Clips

I've heard from Bud Buschardt, a graduate in RTV from the University of Houston who worked at KUHF and KUHT and went on to a long career at WFAA-TV and KVIL, Dallas, and then the ABC Radio Networks. He now teaches communications classes at the University of North Texas and was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2010.

Buschardt has talked to his friend and classmate Kerry Richards who was the director of the Kane show beginning in the mid-60s and who confirmed that the tapes of the show were destroyed while in storage in an un-air conditioned warehouse. The only videos known to exist are those that were traded with stations in other markets that were doing similar teen shows. One such clip was provided by Buschardt to Ovid Stevens, a member of the 1960s Dallas psychedelic rock group Southwest FOB. Stevens has posted the clip on YouTube. The song was produced by Buschardt's record company. Kane's mention of the smash hit Harper Valley PTA dates this clip to the spring of 1968.

Stevens was the guitarist and founder of the group which also included Dan Seals and John Colley. Seals was the younger brother of Jim Seals of Seals and Croft; he and Colley teamed up to form the soft rock group England Dan and John Ford Coley in the 1970s. After the group disbanded, Seals had a lengthy solo career as a country artist and died in March, 2009.

There is also an edited version of the clip which runs only 59 seconds and shows only Kane's intro to the band and his interview with members afterwards.

Since this Blogger template unfortunately does not accommodate YouTube videos, here are the links. The long version has been uploaded a couple of times; here's the original upload by Ovid Stevens with comments. And the shorter version.

There is also a 9 minute clip in black and white with KUHT leader posted by Jay Dooling, one of the dancers on the show. This was filmed while the show was still being broadcast from studios on the UH campus at the facility on Cullen Blvd. that that had been the original home of KNUZ-TV and later became the long time home of KUHT. Buschardt believes the episode dates from January, 1963. Two dancers, Dooling and his partner Mary Ann Masters, are tagged in the video, about half way through. This one shows only the dancers, however, Kane's appearances are edited out.

The dancers on the Kane show had to take dancing lessons before they could appear and their talent is clearly showcased, especially in some of the uptempo numbers near the end of the clip.

Still another 14 minute clip consists of home movies of a couple on the show; it's in color but the video is poor and there's no audio.

ETA:  Here's a YouTube video clip of a segment of KTRK's Good Morning Houston featuring an interview with Kane with Don Nelson and Hank Moore with lots of brief videos from the show.

If anybody knows of any other clips online please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I bought a bootleg that was obviously taken directly from an uncut interview that was done by Channel 13. The interview has Don Nelson and Kane talking between takes and even doing retakes and promos. I'm guessing only a small fraction of the interview was ever broadcast, but this is the original unaired version. I'm glad someone at Ch. 13 thought this was important enough to preserve. There is still a lot of Larry Kane Show stuff that has survived in one form or another.

Unknown said...

Looking for Larry Kane TV clip of the rock band, Navasota, and also on the show was Tony Jo White. Taped in the early '70s - perhaps '72 - the same year Navasota was signed to ABC/Dunhill Records and recorded at the Village Recorder in Los Angeles. Produced by Gary Katz.

Unknown said...

This show was not shot at the studios on Bissonnet, but in the old quonset hut studios on Cullen. I don't believe the studio had A/C. KTRK moved in 60 or 61. I was on the last show on Cullen and the first show on Bissonnet, and was half of the last couple on camera in this clip. The beautiful girl was Stephani.

Glenn Pitts said...

This is in fact a clip from KTRK - 3310 Bissonnet location.
I'm in this video too and I never went to the Cullen street studio, only becoming a
LKS 'regular' after the move to Bissonnet.
Don't be confused by the KUHT 'leader' on this short video.
It was in the hands of Bud Buschardt who worked at KUHT and he probably
added a leader that he had at the time.
Is that you dancing with Stephani Schifani at 8:50?


Hello, I'm looking for Larry Kane TV clip of the rock band, Canned Heat, August 31, 1968 Larry Kane Show, Channel 13, KTRK Studios, Houston, TX

Unknown said...

I have Larry Kane's (Harry Lieberman's) baby book. LOL!!

Bruce said...

I don't suppose there are any pictures of him in a radio or TV studio???


I have a picture

Bruce said...

Is it on your blog? I looked but perhaps missed it. If not,are you willing to share? If not, let me know when you post it.

Quite a collection you have. I was a big fan or Canned Heat. I saw them in the studio for an ABC-FM radio broadcast in the summer of '71 in NYC. Can't remember if it was live or for recorded for broadcast later - nationwide on the ABC-FM stations. Small room, small crowd - and they were dead (the crowd).


There 4 pics on my facebook site



Bruce said...

Thanks for these!

My email is on the About Me page if you want to email me scans but these links are fine.