Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mark Stevens (Stevens and Pruett) - RIP

Mark Stevens, half of the radio team of Stevens and Pruett on KILT and later KLOL-FM in Houston has died. He also worked extensively in DFW radio and more recently as co-host of a foodie show, Stevens and Cleverly.

I first heard Mark on KFJZ, 1270, Fort Worth in the 70s during a very brief stint I did in Fort Worth radio. I thought he was great, a hard-working, very entertaining jock. I thought he was the best jock in Fort Worth at the time and the first Top 40 jock I had heard outside of Houston and my favorites on KLBS and KILT that I was really impressed by.

I never met the guy. By the time the two of us got to Houston we worked in very different formats and I always found it too much of a culture shock to listen much.

Here's an ongoing thread on the Houston-Galveston board of Radio-Info; and, one on the DFW board where the news first broke.

the story on chron.com.

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