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Gallery I - People

This gallery will be a collection of miscellaneous pictures of people. Most photos will be in galleries associated with the stations they worked for or in individual posts but for some, I don't have enough material to have a separate station gallery or they occur as a part of a collection, as with the first listing here. Station galleries are listed on the respective station profile page under Stations on the sidebar; if there isn't a station profile yet for a station, there is no gallery for that station.

I am always happy to receive photos of Houston radio personnel to publish on the blog, along with some personal information, from any time period.  It is not necessary of course to give up any precious family keepsakes - just scan the image and email it to me (email address on my Profile on the sidebar).  JPEG and PDF files are acceptable (JPEG format is preferred).  Put each image in a separate file please.   Photos which include studio equipment are desirable but not necessary.

A group of photos at the University of Texas, part of the Bob Bailey Collection, concerning some sort of public expo arranged by Aylin Advertising and presenting personalities from several Houston radio stations. Some personalities and stations are identified on placards but others are not and I would appreciate hearing from anybody who can supply any names. Since one of the stations identified is KLBS the photos date from the period 1952-1957 and I would guess earlier in that time period. The first photo, obviously, has historical significance but is not related to radio history.  Note:  Checking this link out I see numerous photos that were not in this group originally now appear, only a few of them related to radio.  hrhwebmaster 1/9/2015.

Chester McDowell, aka Hotsy Totsy, KYOK, date unknown. Photo courtesy of Bud Buschardt.

Dan Shelton, Mornings, and Dan Parsons, News, KODA-FM, ca. 1980. We had formed some sort of athletic team, hence the jerseys. Behind them is the Shafer Automation unit for KODA-AM and to the right, the unit for KODA-FM.

Debra Forman, Evening announcer on KODA-FM, ca. 1980.

His name was Dave and he did evenings on KYND-FM in the waning days of that station before it flipped too KKBQ-FM but I have not been able to remember his last name. Shown is the KYND-FM control room in Greenway Plaza with the station reception area visible through the window.

Michael Sheehy (air name: Michael) in the KAUM studio, ca. 1973.  The board was a McCurdy.  Michael came to Houston from Santa Rosa, CA.  After several years in Houston he went on to work in radio in Honolulu and Los Angeles and then started a production studio.

The following 6 photos come from the May/June 2003 issue of the now defunct Inside Houston magazine.  The cover story was entitled 'Radio Active - Putting faces with the voices of Houston's top radio personalities.'  The article was written by Laurette M. Veres, identified on the masthead as Publisher/Editor-in-Chief.  The photoghraphs were taken by Pam Francis.

Donna McKenzie - Smooth Jazz 95.7, photographed at Scott Gertner's Sky Bar (McKenzie also graced the cover of the issue).  The text noted her 13 years in Houston radio up to that point including the original staff of KZFX, Classic Rock 107.5, KLOL, KHYS, and The Arrow.

Hudson and Harrigan - KILT-FM, 100.3.  The text noted their 22 years on KILT and revealed Hudson - on the left - almost became a lawyer and Harrigan began his career as an aspiring actor in a church production of 'Annie Get Your Gun.'

Heather Walters - KHPT-FM, 106.9, 80s Rock.  The text noted she was the only solo female morning show host in Houston at the time; from Houston originally, she got her start on Power 103 Abilene while attending Abilene Christian College.

Maria Todd, Psycho Robbie and Sam Malone - Top 40 KRBE-FM, 104.1.  The text noted Malone had a degree in finance and was headed to Wall Street when he noticed the girls and glamour surrounding a 'dorky' disc jockey and badgered a friend about how to get into the business.

J.P. Pritchard and Lana Hughes -  News/Talk - KTRH-AM, 740.  The text noted the duo had been together 18 years up to that point delivering the morning news block.

Tom Richards - Classical - KTRS-FM, 92.1.  The text noted he was another native Houstonian and had been hosting the KRTS morning show for 14 of his 20 years in broadcasting and also that he was officially a Deadhead, with more than 300 Grateful Dead concerts on tape.

From the 1965 Baytown Lee High Yearbook, courtesy of Tori Mask of the South Belt Houston Digital History Archive.


Anonymous said...

The "Dave" to whom you referred at KYND was Dave Kosh.
from John Davidson

Bruce said...

Actually that's what I thought it was but couldn't remember for sure.

Rage said...

I have short audio of a guy on the air at KYND shortly before the flip to KKBQ. Looking at this picture of Dave, seems to fit the voice on the tape for some reason. Wonder if its him.

Bruce said...

Have you posted it somewhere? If so, I could possibly identify it. He was younger sounding than any of the rest of the staff.

Anonymous said...

Chester Mcdowell shows up as a songwriter and performer on some Duke 45's and a Chet McDowell shows up on some non-Duke discs. Is this the same man as Hotsy Totsy.

And where in the world is Dan Shelton today

Bruce said...

Good question. I suggest you ask the blogger at Wired for Sound. I searched for 'hotsy' over there and got this identifying someone else as the man behind the voice. I suspect there may have been several Hotsy Totsies. I didn't know either of them and probably couldn't identify a voice if I heard it.

I have a vague memory of Dan Shelton leaving to go to San Antonio and a vague memory that's where his wife was from -- but that was a long time ago. Seems to me he was gone by the time Group W bought KODA from Taft. Mike Scott came over from KNUZ/KQUE to do mornings.

Anonymous said...

Gene 'the player' Robinson was Houston's youngest DJ in the 1960's. Gene and Johnny Goyen were written about in the Post or Chronicle back then.

Jon Bennett. KYND FM chief Engineer said...

Chief engineer for KYND FM Pasadena Houston. Moved the station to greenway plaza. Also moved the transmitter from one shell plaza to senior toad tower. Any have info on Dan Shelton or Shawn Mulhern, on air staff. Vicki Williams was the manager at greenway plaza. I’m at

Bruce said...

Thanks for checking in Jon. Hope we get an answer this time. Have any pictures of staff or your equipment you'd care to share?

Anonymous said...

Hi, all! I did traffic and wrote/voiced commercials for KYND 1972 - 1977/78? - first in Pasadena, much later in downtown Houston.
Loved it and all of my co-workers! Sadly, Shawn Mulhern passed away on October 1, 2019, in Wisconsin (see Legacy).
Actually may have a couple of real photographs in a real album - need to check. I’m at

Bruce said...

Thanks for the comment. Hope you can find some pictures and will share, and share your name.

Linda Wright - Turnbow said...

Hello again! (My first comment was on 1-27-21 as “anonymous!”) Would love to hear from any and every-one!
My e-mail address has changed to
Any e-mails to former address were not received - hate to think I may have missed any!
Linda Wright - Turnbow

Bruce said...

Thanks for stopping back by. Hope you get some contact.