Saturday, December 29, 2007

Additional links to histories in other cities

Three sites are being added to the link on the sidebar to broadcast histories in other cities; all three concern Dallas-Fort Worth radio and television.

Chris Huff’s DFW Radio Archives, a huge collection of ratings history of the market.

Mike Shannon’s History of Dallas-Fort Worth Radio and Television

and Steve Eberhart’s History of KLIF, Gordon McLendon’s flagship station.

I discovered all three of these several years ago and they inspired me to attempt something similar for Houston. I may even have stolen a few ideas and facts from these guys.

These are all among the very best broadcast history sites on the web, standards to which all others can be compared. It’s apparent they’ve been hard at work on these for years and years.

The History of KLIF site contains a few mentions of KILT, McLendon’s Houston station.

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