Thursday, February 19, 2009

Milton G. Hall

I’ve heard from Ramona Klassen, Milton G. Hall’s granddaughter, who shared the picture as well as the following newspaper clippings (obituaries) from her genealogical research. Hall was the first program director of KTRH in 1930, later worked for Will Horwitz at XED, Reynosa.

MILTON G. HALL DIES IN TEXAS (Rochester NY Paper obit)

Milton G. Hall, 48 a former Rochester newspaper man, at one time assistant secretary of the Rochester Exposition and Horse Show and later manager of Station WHEC, died Tuesday(April 23, 1946) in Austin, TX., where he was managing a hotel.

Mr. Hall, a native of Texas, first came to Rochester during World War I. He served for several months as an instructor in the U. S. Army Aerial Photography School at Kodak Park and while there assisted in making an aerial map of Rochester’s coast line on Lake Ontario.

After the war he went back to Texas, where he worked at various times as city editor of the Galveston News and telegraph editor of the Houston Post. Back in Rochester in 1921, he worked for a short time for the old Post Express and later joined the staff of The Democrat and Chronicle. He also was associated for a time as advertising manager of the Regorson Corporation and with the Swope-Stanly Motors Inc., in a similar capacity.

In 1923 Mr. Hall was appointed assistant secretary of the Rochester Exposition and Horse Show. Three and a half years he resigned to become manager of WHEC, succeeding Ernest H. Veigel, who now is president of Rochester Business Institute. Mr. Hall left Rochester about two years later and returned to Texas, where he continued in radio.


Milton G. Hall Dies at Austin of Heart Attack (Texas Paper I think)

Milton G. Hall, 46 of 1804 Elman, well known newspaper and publicity man, died shortly after suffering a heart attack Tuesday morning in Austin.

Mr. Hall, according to word received in Houston Tuesday night, was stricken while standing in the lobby of a bank building. He died a short time after being taken to a hospital there.

Mr. Hall was a native of Coryell Co. Texas, and had been a resident of Houston for 20 years.

Active in radio work in Houston and throughout the country, Mr. Hall was the first program director of radio station KTRH. He was associated with that organization from 1930 to 1931.

Mr. Hall had done newspaper work throughout the country, and was formerly connected with the Houston Post. He was with the Post in the years immediately preceding the First World War.

He had done radio work in Buffalo, NY., where he was a continuity writer for station WMAK, and at station WHEC of Rochester, NY where he was station manager from 1925 to 1927.

He is survived by a daughter Miss Nancy Lee Hall of Rochester, NY; two sons, Milton Hall Jr. of Rochester and Maurice Clark Hall of Houston; four brothers, John R., Robert H, and Sherman Hall, all of Houston; J. W. Hall of Rochester and a sister, Mrs. Lee Heath of Warren, AZ.

The body is to arrive in Houston from Austin Early Wednesday. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Fogle-West Chapel with Dr. Harry G. Knowles officiating. The place of burial is to be announced.



Funeral services for Milton G. Hall, well known newspaperman formerly of Houston, will be held at 2:30 p. m. today at the Fogle-West Chapel, with Dr. Harry G. Knowles officiating. Burial will be in Woodlawn Garden of Memories.

Mr. Hall was stricken with a heart attack Tuesday in Austin and died in a hospital there. He had lived in Austin six months doing newspaper work.

He was 46 years old, and when last in Houston made his home at 1804 Elman. He was born in Coryell County and lived in Houston 20 years.

A graduate of Texas Christian University, Mr. Hall worked in the editorial department of the Houston Post and the Galveston News.

He was widely known for his work in Radio. He was program director for radio station KTRH in 1930 and 1931.

Mr. Hall was connected with radio stations in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. He was a continuity writer for Station WMAK in Buffalo and station manager for WHEC in Rochester.

Ramona adds “My grandfather was a real character. He wrote 2 plays, "The Leaning Tower of Pisa" and "Green Gold." He wrote an article "What's Normalcy." He was friends with Wiley Post and a newspaper man named Maurice Clark whom he named his 3rd child after. I have none of his writings.”


Anonymous said...

It is interesting how these obituaries completely omit his involvement with broadcasting station XED down in Reynosa, Mexico.

Bruce said...

Obituaries are usually complimentary and omit such things I think. Then again, I don't know for sure how long he served and whether he was ever pardoned like Horwitz. My contact knew little about him; maybe she's found out more and will chime in.