Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Sammy

The Texas Radio Hall of Fame has created the first named award, The Sammy, dedicated to pioneering women in Texas broadcasting.   J.C. Webster of KLUV, KNUS, KLIF and KMGC is the first recipient.

Mary Nash 'Sammy' Stoddard herself sent me notice of this, enclosing a short bit from the Tom Taylor Now newsletter:

"Mary Nash “Sam” Stoddard was a pioneering woman in Texas radio, and now the Texas Radio Hall of Fame establishes an award to honor women in the business – naming it “The Sammy.” Stoddard herself continues to broadcast on a regular basis, and she tells this NOW Newsletter she’s got a new Power Point presentation about her career, starting with her as a 15-year-old on KULP, El Campo in 1954 and going on to Waco and then Dallas at KVIL. There she was the “Girl named Sam,” a very early example of a fulltime female jock in a major market. She later married KVIL morning man Mike Stoddard, and she worked at four other stations and networks after leaving KVIL"

Thanks, Mary, and congratulations on your long career.

Texas Radio Hall of Fame

Mary Stoddard

Tom Taylor Now


marystod said...

Thank you, Bruce for posting this incredible story on your Houston Radio History site. As you know, I began posting on this site many years ago, as I was trying to pin down some childhood memories of living in Houston and having my grandmother introduce me to my first Radio Newsman, Mr. Pat Flaherty, whose voice I listened to on broadcasts and eventually met in person after passing the window of the radio station in the Houston Hotel, when I was a preteen. I was so fascinated, as a young girl, with all the machines, microphones and announcers there, I determined I wanted to be an announcer like they were. About five or so years later, I realized my dream, when Sen. Culp Kruger of El Campo's KULP Radio, offered me my own show every Tuesday at 4:15. I was thrilled. Coca Cola was my sponsor and I gave "Teen News" Reports from the Gulf Coast Area Schools, along with singing live in studio, the Hit Songs of the day, accompanied by my beautiful mother, an extremely accomplished classical pianist in her own right. I'm going to write the story someday with more details. I have a couple of amazing Air Checks from that show that began in 1954. I am told no one was on the air as an FCC Licensed Announcer/DJ, which I acquired in Jan., 1965, in Texas prior to my doing it. Now, many capable women have come into broadcasting after my historic beginnings in the Houston Area and all over the Southwest...but, it's gratifying to think I was there first. Bruce, thank you so much for publishing my story. I hope it helps women in Broadcasting realize their dreams, as I was able to do almost 60 years ago, in the Houston Texas area. Wish I could've told Mr. Flaherty what an inspiration he was to me and maybe others as well. Not only was he a great News Anchor, he was a very compassionate and caring person to take time to step away from the mic to meet and encourage a budding young broadcaster, like me. God bless you Bruce, for all you do to help me and others, by creating and maintaining this wonderful site. I am proud to say I was born in Wharton and spent the first few years of my life happily living in Houston, later moving to Eagle Lake, Texas to attend school there, before going to Baylor University on a Voice Scholarship. I shall never forget my Houston roots and initial radio experience. I hope I get to meet you in November at the TRHoF Banquet, as I grant the 1st SAMMY Award to a deserving female broadcaster. I can hardly wait! Thank you again --- Respectfully, Mary Nash "SAM" Stoddard/ Celebrating 60 Years in Texas Radio in 2014.

Bruce said...

Thanks, again, Mary. I always appreciate your comments. Wow! Pat Flaherty - I was at the KPRC-TV studios on Post Oak Road several times with my mother, who appeared on a couple of audience participation shows, and saw Pat Flaherty, along with Carl Mann, Lee Gordon, and Dick Gottlieb, but never met any of them. I remember watching the news with Pat Flaherty many times on our first Motorola, brought to you by Jax Beer.

marystod said...

Wonderful story, Bruce! Pat Flaherty not only had a wonderful, authoritative Voice, to a 10 y.o., he was a tall, imposing figure physically as well. My grandmother went into the station and asked if her little granddaughter might say 'hello' to the Newsman she always admired from the other side of the glass window! He graciously came out to shake my hand and exchange pleasantries. I never forgot him for that. All those names were familiar to me, but I never met any of them. I did, however, make an appearance in 1954 on KHOU TV, as a Solo Performer singing "Daybreak" on an afternoon show there. They put 'black' lipstick on me in makeup and I was thrilled to be there, but it was my first TV appearance and I was petrified. Did a good job, though, the Producers all told me! That was about the same time I was offered my Radio Show on KULP. So many stories ... so little time!!! :-) Mary Nash SAM Stoddard (SAMMY AWARD)