Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A KNUZ-TV Gallery

Mark Whitehead of KWHI and KTTX, Brenham, has sent along these pictures of KNUZ-TV, taken in 1953 by his dad, Tom Whitehead, Jr.  Mark's mom, Bonnie Whitehead, is shown in a couple of the photos.  His uncle, Bailey A. Swenson, designed the studios.

Obviously this was a very new facility at the time.  I believe the orientation would be such that Cullen Blvd. was to the right of the picture.

Bonnie Whitehead, Mark's mom, in the lobby.

Checking out one of the DuMont cameras.  Behind Bonnie are the collapsible bleachers that were used for live audience shows.

Mark believes this is Bailey Swenson, his uncle and the architect who designed the studios.

I will appreciate any engineers who can offer some comments on the equipment.

See the KNUZ-TV Station Profile here.

Much thanks to Mark for sharing these photos.  He has promised to forward some more about his family's radio stations in the near future and I'm really looking forward to that.


AB said...

Nice! Love to see color photos from the '50s.

Chuck said...

As a former KNUZ radio employee, it's good to see these pictures from the original Channel 39, KNUZ-TV. It was before it's time. UHF wasn't readily available on TV sets in the 1950s. It wasn't until the early 1960s, that manufacturers had to include both UHF and VHF bands on the sets. Unfortunately, it was too late for KNUZ-TV. Channel 39 returned in the late 1960s as KHTV.

Mark Mason said...

I remember going do there to look thru the window as the show went on. That was 1960.

Wrinkle said...

Whiteheads owned part of Texas coast broadcasting. Dave Morris company. Dave came from
KTBC Austin. Ladybird station i think or Betty Connelly station k vet hard to think of Dave Morris as a disc jockey but he was in the 50’s