Friday, December 29, 2017

KLEF-FM Tribute Page

Bill Thompson, a KLEF fan, has created a tribute page.  The program guides are searchable and the New York Times article is priceless.

Great work, Bill, and thanks for sharing it.


Aaron D. said...

Aaron Dvoretzky here, worked there '83 - '86, still in touch with Regina Scruggs. Thank you for the research and sharing.

Wayne Warmack said...

I worked as an announcer at KLEF Classical off and on during the years 1970 through about 1983. Shortly after that I moved to Arkansas and have lived there ever since. I treasure the memories of my years at KLEF. I worked with such distinguished people as John Proffitt, Ira J. Black, Dick Vite, Gene Harlow, and many other wonderful people whose names I can no longer remember but whose faces I shall never forget. I learned much music history and linguistic skills at KLEF, which still serve me well today in my late 70's. If anyone reads this and remembers me, I am Wayne Warmack. Email I would love to hear from you.