Wednesday, January 16, 2008

News and Developments

An article about the sign-on of KLEE-TV, Houston's first TV station, has been added to the TV section on the sidebar.

The link on the sidebar to the Houston Radio History Calendar has been repaired. This is simply a listing of the monthly anniversary posts I have been publishing, in reverse order, of course, as the blog always does. You can access the same files by clicking on the label 'Calendar' at the bottom of any of the anniversary posts.

I continue to receive very interesting e-mails. Sam Lester, a long time transmitter engineer at KTRH, has offered some pictures which I hope to be able to post soon.

Michael Roesner has written, asking for information about his grandfather, George E. Roesner, who was a long time Farm Editor for KPRC Radio and TV and I think may have had a column in the Post as well. This will be added to the Queries section; if you have any information, please post in the comments section or e-mail me and I'll pass it or your e-mail address along to Michael.

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