Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gallery III - Memorabilia

A collection of miscellaneous bumper stickers.

ABC-FM was running Love FM on their 7 FMs, a taped album rock format, but flipped them all to live and local with new calls in September, 1970. In Houston KXYZ-FM flipped to KAUM. The artwork and calls were determined by ABC. Houston got the coolest artwork. The bumper stickers came in about a half dozen different colors.

The Air Corps was a locally conceived, short-lived positioning first used in the fall of 1971. This is actually a billboard card; the bumper stickers were longer and not as tall.

This was when the station was known as Rock 'n Stereo, beginning in 1972. The positioning and design were selected by ABC-FM.

A reverse window sticker for Majic 102, KMJQ-FM

Calls very briefly used on 100.3, KILT-FM

The calls were officially KIKK-FM.


KMKS-FM, Bay City

KMZK, Fort Worth, ca. 1981, owned by Taft Broadcasting of Houston at the time.


A KLBS Survey from February, 1955

A KXYZ survey from May, 1956

A KXYZ survey from November, 1956

A KXYZ survey from January, 1957

A KILT survey from August, 1957

A KTHT Hit Parader survey from May, 1961

More surveys from Houston radio stations (text only) can be found here.

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