Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A KXYZ Gallery

A KXYZ Rate Card from 1936.

A KXYZ ad dated January 20, 1949

A KYYZ ad, undated.

Some KXYZ stationery and a letter from one KXYZ engineering employee to another in the Army in World War II. Dated 1942 the stationery shows KXYZ was using the color green long before Glenn McCarthy took over (the 1936 rate card above is a pale lime-green color).

The ads and letter are courtesy of Andrew Brown.

The following images are from a brochure published by KXYZ in the 1950s. Although a letter from Fred Nahas makes reference to KXYZ serving Houston for 27 years (KTUE became KXYZ in August, 1930), there are other clues that the brochure was published in 1956 or perhaps early 1957, such as the reference to Buff Baseball on KXYZ in 1956 and the fact the morning man pictured, Tim Nolan, left KXYZ in March, 1957, to join KPRC.

The first 2/3rds of the brochure dealt with Houston and its history, with images from over the decades, plus modern photos of the city and its industries and landmarks and some shots of outlying communities. I have posted only the images from the last third of the brochure dealing directly with KXYZ.

There are numerous images of Houston radio people of the era, some of whose careers were just beginning and others who were at their peak, plus one of Ted Hills, who had been involved in Houston radio since the 1920s and served as program director of several stations over the years.

These images are from the archives of the Houston Public Library.

This image is from the St. Agnes Academy yearbook for 1955 and was shared by Tori Mask of the South Belt Houston Digital History Archive.

This gallery will be listed under the KXYZ station profile on the sidebar and may be added to from time to time.


Andrew Brown said...

Great stuff.

Chuck said...

What a wonderful find. I can't tell you enough how much I have enjoyed your site. Keep up the great work, Bruce. you have my respect, sir.

Mark Triplett said...

What a great post, the letter to Ed Bost was a special sight. He was one of my best friends later in his life.

GlennY said...

Has anyone heard what happened to Bill Ward, disc jockey at KXYZ during the early 80's?