Thursday, August 16, 2007

Radio Histories - Other Cities

This Kansas City Radio history website is maintained by Mark Roberts, who worked at KTRH in the 1980s.

The Puget Sound Radio Broadcasters Association website includes a market history prepared by Eric Dawes, who got his start in radio at KLYX-FM, Clear Lake:

I discovered the New Orleans Radio History Shrine when searching for information about William John Uhalt, who put KTUE on the air in 1926 (now KXYZ). He had helped his brother put a NOLA station on the air before coming to Houston and there have been other connections between Houston and NOLA broadcasters over the years.

The Bay Area Radio Museum covers San Francisco. covers New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia

The Chicago Radio Time Capsule and Chicagoland Radio Call Sign History websites cover Chicago.

There are three sites devoted to Dallas-Fort Worth radio and television.

Chris Huff’s DFW Radio Archives is a huge collection of the ratings history of the market plus other great information.

Mike Shannon’s History of Dallas-Fort Worth Radio and Television

and Steve Eberhart’s History of KLIF, Gordon McLendon’s flagship station.

I discovered all three of these several years ago and they inspired me to attempt something similar for Houston. I may even have stolen a few ideas and facts from these guys.

These Dallas sites are among the very best broadcast history sites on the web, standards to which all others can be compared. It’s apparent they’ve been hard at work on these for years and years.

The History of KLIF site contains a few mentions of KILT, McLendon’s Houston station.

To be continued. While there are few radio stations which maintain histories on their websites, there are many privately maintained websites devoted to individual stations; Google on the call letters and ‘history’ if you’re interested in a particular station. I’ll add some to this list soon.


Sonja Walters Asendorf said...

I am trying to find info about a radio station in Pasadena TX in about 1952-1955. My two sisters and I (The Walters Sisters Trio) had a Saturday morning 30-minute (I think) broadcast for some months in one of those years. Any ideas?

Bruce said...

The only station licensed to Pasadena at that time was KLVL, 1480. It was a Spanish language station but was block programmed like all stations back then and did broadcast some English language programs.

Do you remember where the studios were? Other stations, besides all the Houston stations at that time, would have been KRCT, 650, and KREL, 1360, both Baytown. That would have required crossing the ship channel to get to the studios.