Friday, October 28, 2011

Bill Zak - RIP

Sad to report on the passing of yet another long-time Houston radio man, Bill Zak of KTRH.

Here is the obituary in the Chronicle.

I have found references indicating he started at KTRH in the 1940s; others say the early 1950s. I have found a Billboard reference that seems to indicate he was a disc jockey back in the day when KTRH interspersed CBS network programming with local music shows; however, given the cryptic style of Billboard, it's not entirely clear he was a disc jockey. But he will be most easily remembered by most for hosting 'Garden Line' with Dr. Ben Oldag, who died less than a year ago.

Here is a tribute that I found a long time ago, entered into the House of Representatives Congressional Record by Representative Jack Fields, on the occasion of Zak's retirement.

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