Friday, November 15, 2013

A Trove of 70s Memorabilia

Here is an extensive collection of material relating to the cultural situation in Houston during the 1970s consisting mostly ads from counter culture publications. 

The material was originally posted on HAIF's Historic Houston forum but was moved to Picasa.  The original post spawned a discussion which can be found here with additional material of interest.

Although this is not really about radio it does illustrate some of the culture of the day which influenced the programming of numerous stations.  This will appear as a link on the sidebar under History Links.


Olivia said...

Hi there! Does this trove still exist? The link doesn't work anymore. I do have a question for you though. Do you know where the archives for KPRC radio might be? I've called the station and the Hobby Foundation and Rice Fondren library and no one seems to know what happened to them. I am working on a documentary about a women's football team from the 1970s called the Houston Herricanes. I know Anita Martini covered them on her KPRC radio show. I also know Bob Allen did a spot for them on Channel 13. There might be more too on other stations. Any advice you can offer on how to find this footage/recordings would be much appreciated.

Bruce said...

Google has abandoned the Picasa platform. I don't know if accounts were automatically transferred to Google Pictures or what happened. This will take some digging. Check out the HAIF discussion thread listed and see if there are any clues or leads.

There is a KPRC-TV Facebook page and the individual who maintains it has extensive knowledge of the whole operation. You can find a link on the KPRC station profile page.