Friday, August 1, 2014

Early KTRH and KTLC Performers

I just stumbled on this source by accident.  Story Sloane writes a feature article for the emag Houston Lifestyles and Homes using photos from his great collection and a year ago published this one about early radio performers.

There was a Guy Savage who worked at KXYZ in the 1950s and later was sports director of Channel 13 in the 60s.  I have wondered before what the connection was to the earlier Guy Savage on KTRH; I don't see a physical resemblance.

The KTLC studios were in the old Houston Post building at Texas and Travis, catty-corner from the Chronicle.

There was a time in radio when not only were the announcers always live but all music had to be performed live also.

FOLLOWUP:  In addition to providing the ID in the comments, Dave Westheimer sent along this picture of Guy Savage (left) and Gus Mancuso (right), broadcast team of the Houston Buffs in the 1950s.  Dave says the square-cut, dimpled chin is the give-away.  Okay, so I never was very good at faces.  This is the same man who was the first morning man on KTRH and I can confirm that's the man I remember doing sports on KTRK-TV in the 60s.


Dave said...

Guy Savage and Gus Mancuso were the broadcast team for the Houston Buffs in the 1950s. Definitely the same Guy Savage from KTRH in the 1930s.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the ID.

Anonymous said...

Guy Savaged had a catch-phrase when the Buffs had the bases loaded.....FOB - Full of Buffs.

Unknown said...

I think I like it more when people have a catchphrase. For some reason it makes them seem a lot more organized, because you know when the catch phrase is coming. It's very systematic, which I like in a talk radio show.

Kyote27 said...

Thank you all for this awesome info, I'd love I talk to some people who knows about the radio station. Let's just say I have an intimate connection with the beautiful old place.