Monday, August 9, 2010

KLOL - 1974

The KTRH brochure published here and here included these pages on sister station KLOL-FM. The brochure makes reference to KLOL approaching its fourth year; the station launched in August, 1970.


jgh said...

Those pictured on the top on the gazebo are from left to right: Bo Brody-sales, Jim Pruett, Chapman Mott (Skythoughts), Jerry Lee- Station Manager, Steve Nagle
Middle row: Unidentified female News reporter, Jim Hilty
Bottom row: Kathy Johnson- receptionist, Arnette Lamb- a soon to be a famous Harlequin Romance writer, Jackie McCauley,
and a Receptionist whose first name is Elise

jgh said...

On the black and white pictures shown below:
Top row- Ed Beauchamp, Jackie McCauley, Steve Nagle
Botttom row-
Jim Pruett, Jim Hilty, Jay Thomas

Rage said...

wow didn't know Jim Pruitt had been there before

Bruce said...

Air name was Tony Raven, I believe.