Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall was a short-lived but very popular music venue in the 1970s in Houston, located about where Toyota Center is now. It hosted blues and rock acts and outlaw country. J.R. Gonzales' Bayou City History Blog in the Chronicle has done a post about an appearance by Waylon Jennings there in 1975 with a few great pictures and reader comments.

The article references another post about Liberty Hall last year in the Houston Press.

And here is a lengthy discussion thread from several years ago on HAIF.

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Anonymous said...

A very stoned friend of mine sent 10 rounds of fmj from an old British .303 rifle through Liberty Hall late one night because 'his' girl was in there after hours with another man. Then he calmly walked home a couple of blocks away.
The sound of the shots clearly would have been heard all over downtown Houston.
An alarming case of coitus interruptus no doubt.