Friday, April 11, 2014

A Day in the Life ...

of a Galveston radio listener, October 4, 1930.

The Galveston Daily News had published brief blurbs about KFUL's programs since it went on the air in December, 1924, and carried listings of other stations courtesy of RADEX, but when KFUL boosted power to 500 watts the local programming listings expanded.

Note KPRC was carrying 'chain' programs from both WEAF and WJZ; further down in the listings there are complete schedules for both KPRC and KTRH but there are no mentions of KFLX, Galveston, or KTLC and KXYZ, Houston.  Also note KYW is still a Chicago station at this time.  Listings other than KFUL are from the Associated Press.

KFUL was sharing time on 1280 kilocycles with KTSA, San Antonio, at this time, hence the gaps in the program schedule.

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